Wanties – no needies!

Här har ni gott folk, mina wanties eller rättare sagt – mina needies som jag brukar kalla dem. Att min födelsedag bara är några veckor ifrån gör väl inte timingen till detta collage till det sämsta moahaha. Denna gången kan jag faktiskt inte rangordna produkterna, jag vill ha alla lika mycket förutom nr 1 som jag vill ha lite lite mer än de andra. Följande text blir på engelska då många internationella läsare har hittat hit samt att det blev alldeles för rörigt och för mycket text när jag skrev på båda språken. Hoppas det är okej för er!

These products are my wanties or more correctly – needies as I usually call them. My birthday is also just a few weeks ahead, guess the timing couldn’t be better moahaha. The weird thing is that I really can’t rank these products, I want them all just as much besides from nr 1 that I want just a liiiitle bit more than the others. The following text will be in english since a lot of international readers have started to comment on my blog. Me so happy, I hope you all will stay!

Beautysets - wanties, makeup

1 I think my heart stopped a beat when I saw these pictures at LipGloss Bitch, I couldn’t stop my self from borrowing her pictures just to share with you. These goes on lika a lip gloss but dries matt and gives a velvet finish, like a rose petal. How can I express myself without sounding like a maniac. I don’t want these, I need these. They come in two shades, Red Velvet and Suedeberry and you can purchase them from Lime Crimes web shop.2 OPI – Lights Of Emerald City och OPI – Jinx are two beautiful nail polishes that have been on my wish list every since beautiful Purity-Sannas posted some notd using these. Lovely!

3 Just some of the eyeshadow/pigments I truly want from the fabolous Fyrinnae. Say hello to: Aztec Gold, Sleepy Hollow, Fyre & Ice och Hypercool.

4 Guerlain in Cherry Swing and in Bubblegum are two of the shades from the Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine line that I really really want – or wait, I said need didn’t I?

5 Isadoras Eyephoria line has taken me by BIG suprise. For these kind of metallic shades I always wait until more than a handfull of bloggers have swatched them before I purchase. Just because the pictures can me so misleading in some cases. But seriously, every swatch I’ve seen have made me fall head over heels for every shade, take a look for your selves. Beleza-Tina, Wysteriia-Cecilia and Frida Skoglund are all to blame for my craving. I mean c’moon, how gorgeous can it get? I want them all, every single on of them!

6 Turquoise have been a favourite colour of mine since I can remember and I had forgotten how much I wanted Yves Rocher eyeliner in Turquoise until I saw Fröken Rosa-Des turquoise pencil comparison.

7 Honi-Anna mentioned this sponge chief from Sensai in her v-blog regarding her monthly favorites. She mentioned that she uses this cloth to remove different types of cleansers and masks from her face. I’ve always felt that it is a hell of a job removing some masks from my face. You know, you always have to bend your back over the sink for like five minutes just to get the damn thing off. Okey, I might me exaggerating but wouldn’t this cloth still help in a way? Making things a little bit easier? How ever, the beauty-guru inside of me claims that she needs to try this one out. Shall I blame her?

6 tankar på “Wanties – no needies!

  1. Åh va mycket snyggt!! Lime crime glossen är jag också sjukt sugen på. honi-Annas sensai rengöringslapp verkar grym. Använder varm muslincloth när jag tar bort mitt smink, I love.

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